Mac MacRender Coarse FR

Coarse grade fibre-reinforced cementitious render for application to aerated concrete blocks and panels.
Coverage 3-5 square metres per 20kg bag

  • Synthetic fibre reinforced for improved crack resistance
  • Increased redispersible polymer concentration for enhanced adhesion
  • Just add water
  • Factory blended for optimum consistency
  • Excellent durability
  • Improved workability and application properties
  • Will not go drummy like traditional sand and cement renders

Product size:20kg bags
Substrate suitability:Aerated (AAC) concrete blocks and panels
Clay and concrete bricks and blocks with flush joints
Clay and concrete bricks and blocks with raked joints
Hebel blocks and Power panels
Application tools:Steel Float
Large plastic polystyrene or timber float
Dry time:Must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 5 days prior to the application
Of a paint or textured finish coat.