NRG Greenboard Cladding

NRG Greenboard is an insulated wall panel that combines exterior cladding with insulation properties so designers can achieve the 6-star energy ratings that have been introduced into the building code.

NRG Greenboard™ is a high density expanded polystyrene, containing fire and vermin retardant, achieve thermal ratings options from 1.92R to 3.96R, with added advantage of an acoustic rating (RW38). Creating an exterior dual cladding system, as a thermal exterior building envelope.

NRG Greenboard™ insulated wall panel is a lightweight, cost effective energy efficient product and once coated, the system provides a weather resistant, seam free rendered finish.


NRG Sheet Sizes
2480mm Legnths 4960mm Legnths
NRG Greenboard 2480x1200x40mm NRG Greenboard 4960x1200x50mm
NRG Greenboard 2480x1200x50mm NRG Greenboard 4960x1200x75mm
NRG Greenboard 2480x1200x60mm NRG Greenboard 4960x1200x100mm
NRG Greenboard 2480x1200x75mm
NRG Greenboard 2480x1200x100mm