Cladding Suppliers in Melbourne

Cladding in Melbourne is done to modify your home’s exteriors and make them more beautiful and durable. We at Crowntex Australia offer cladding supplies and services to help clients safeguard their property against harsh external elementssuch as rain, sunlight and mould.

Fire Rated Wall Systems

  • QT Eco Series 90/90/90
  • Nasahi Loxo 120/120/120
  • Hebel CSR 60/60/60 – 120/120/120=
  • Kingspan Kooltherm System

Timber & Fibre Cement Weatherboards

  • Weathertex Cladding Systems
  • Jamie Hardie Axon Cladding
  • James Hardie Stria Cladding
  • James Hardie Matrix Cladding
  • James Hardie Harditex Blue Board System

Polystyrene and Pre coated cladding systems (EPS)

(Lightweight EPS Cladding Systems with compliance to Codemark & BAL 29)

  • Nrg Greenboard System Codemark & BAL29
  • Unitex Baseboard System BAL29 and BAL40
  • Dulux AcraTex Exsulite-EPS

We are one of the leading cladding suppliers in Melbourne. We offer an extensive range of cladding styles and colours to allow our customers to pick the ones that blend with the aesthetics of their space and surroundings.With Crowntex Australia anything is possible when it comes to experimenting with cladding styles and designs.

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