Unitex Uni Dry

Trowel applied dry powder finish coats which require the mixing of water on site.

Uni-Cote Textures provide the textured effect with the Uni-PTC top coat, or Uni-Flex membrane, to provide the colour.

The Uni-Cote Dry Powder Texture range separate texture from colour and therefore is ideal in weather/temperature conditions where it may be difficult to achieve rapid, through drying of an acrylic based texture coat. This product must be over-coated with Unitex Uni-PTC for decorative colour effect.

846 fine sand texture

855 medium texture

Product size:20kg bags
Substrate suitability:Unitex Speciality Renders
Application tools:Trowel
Dry time:Minimum 72 hours at standard conditions (25 degrees celcius and 50% humidty), after application