Rockcote Quick Render PM100

Rockcote Quick Render PM100 is a pre-blended polymer-modified cement render. It exhibits minimal drying shrinkage and is a reliable surface for over-coating with Rockcote acrylic textures and paints. Rockcote Quick Render PM100 has been formulated for use over expanded and extruded polystyrene walling systems and must be used as part of the Rockcote Reinforced Render (RRR) system.

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Coverage Rate:2m2/20kg @ 4mm build Once initial dry set has occurred, rewet 2 to 3 times a day with clean water for 2 days. This is especially important during hot and/or windy weather.
Application Method:Trowel or Spray
Drying Time:8 hours
Packaging Sizes:20Kgs