Mac 1140 Sandfinish

Medium grade acrylic based architectural finish formulated for trowel application.
Coverage 10-12 square metres / 15 litre pail

Key Features

  • Excellent durability
  • Tintable to almost any colour

Product Range

  • 3060 Sandstone (fine grain sand finish)
  • 1140 Trowel-on (medium grain sand finish)
  • Crystal (medium grain gloss sand finish)
  • 1mm Trowel (medium grain scratch)
  • 2mm Trowel (coarse grain scratch)

Product size:15 litre pail
Colour Range:Most non-metallic colours, pastel, through deep base
Some ultra-deep/bright colours may not be possible
Some colours may not be suitable for exterior use
Application tools:Steel Trowel
Dry time:Newly coated areas should be protected from rain and moisture for a period of 24 hours minimum for the time of application.